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Shopping Guide

How to find your favorite

Search Art
Click on "Search Art" and search with a keyword you like. Also you can search them by technique, base, motif, taste, size, and price with "Advanced Search." If there is any art work attract your interest, click it and see page showing detailed item info.
Show detailed item info.

  • Detailed item info page shows artist's name, artist level, title, description(Japanese only), item specification(technique, base, size and so on), and price.
  • You can have a close look at item by zooming up.
  • See if international shipping available. This page also shows other items that people who have viewed this item also viewed.
Search Artist
By clicking "Search Artist," you will see artists directory. You can search them by selling record.
Show Artist's profile
You can finsd Artist' Profile page by clicking artist's name on detailed item info page. You can see the list which he/she have submitted on ART-Meter on this page. See if he/she is popular by checking how many favorite vote they have.
Show ranking
Check out ranking by means you are interested, such as selling record or number of favorites they get.
Recently viewed items
You can check your recent history on this page. It is also possible to keep searching items after adding an item to cart. Click "Cart" on upper right corner and you can see all items in your cart. You can also delete item from this page.

How to Shop

  1. STEP1 : Choose an Item

    Check out if item you choose is international shipping availability first. And then click on "Cart" on item detailed info page.
    If you wish to keep searching item, click on "View other items"

  2. STEP2 : Add to cart

    Press "Proceed to check out" to confirm your purchase.

  3. STEP3 : Review your cart

    See if you have right item in your cart before you click on "Next Step"

  4. STEP4 : Enter your shipping address

    Submit required information such as your address. If you have different address to ship, fill out "Shipping address" form.

  5. STEP5 : Choose payment options

    Choose payment options. All options are made through PayPal.

  6. STEP6 : Complete your order

    Be sure to confirm your order summary before pressing "Order"

    Be sure to check your order summary that is to be send to you upon your order.
    Be sure to check e-mail that is to be send to you on your item departure.
    Shipping option depends on shipping area.

Payment Options

ART-Meter makes use of PayPal as payment system.

  • Money transferring service that you can use safely and easily from all over the world. Your bank account or credit card information will be managed by PayPal.
  • You can make payment by cash transfer from PayPal account or by credit card.
  • We accept all kinds of VISA, MASTER and JCB cards. For other cards, it is conformed to PayPal.
  • See alsoPayPal site to know more about PayPal.


Price unit shown is in Japanese Yen. Actual price you pay depends on exchange rate when you order. We charge you shipping and handling cost besides item price for international order. We hope you to understand we charge you this cost to give best care for fragile item we handle.


Shipping Rates

Shipping option is determined by ART-Meter, considering package size and weight. Please note that shipping cost depends shipping option, size, and where to ship.
Shipping option depends on item size, base, and number of items bundled. To maintain best packaging condition, we set limitation for those variables. Also, paper item packaged by tube may not be able to bundle.

Shipping Option and rough standard of size
EMS base paper, canvas board, Wooden board,
size Paper : under A4(21.0cm x 29.7cm)
Canvas board/Wooden board : under B5(18.2cm x 25.7cm)
maximum number of items bundled 5 paper items, or 2 Canvas board/Wooden board items
price estimation Asia Region: \700 or over, North America Region: \1200 or over, European Region: \1800 or over
tracking URL
FEDEX base Paper, Canvas board, Canvas without Frame, Wooden board, Canvas with Frame,
size Paper, Canvas board, Canvas without Frame, Wooden board : under A1(59.4 cm x 84.1cm)
Canvas with Frame : under F50(116.7 cm x 91.0cm)
maximum number of items bundled Though there is no specific limitation, our staff may determine not to send within single package.
price estimation Asia Region: \3700 or over, North America Region: \4360 or over, European Region: \5250 or over
tracking URL

Size is determined by the biggest item on your multiple order.
In case your multiple order includes paper item bigger than canvas or canvas board item, It is required to send separately.
Paper item smaller than B5 would be enclosed in tube.
Be sure to check shipping and handling cost shown at your cart.

Shipping Location

Area coverage as follows. It is planned to expanded soon or later. Register and Check out our latest info. from our English mail magazine.

Asia Africa Oceania Europe Middle East South America North /
Central America
Brunei Cambodia, China, Guam, HongKong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Northern Mariana Islands, Pakistan, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, South Korea, SriLanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vanuatu, Viet Nam Algeria, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, SouthAfrica, Rep., Tanzania, Togo, Tonga, Zimbabwe Australia, Fiji, NewCaledonia, NewZealand, Palau, Austria, Belgium, CzechRepublic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Holy See (Vatican City State), Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta Bahrain, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, SaudiArabia, Turkey, UnitedArabEmirates Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela Barbados, Canada, Costa Rica, ElSalvador, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, United States
Shipping period estimation
  • It takes about 7days to sending out after your order. We will send you e-mail on departure.
  • To get rough sense of shipping period, please find followings. Ask delivery company to track your item.
  • We don't ship on weekend and holiday, year-end and New Year holidays.
packaging method

To make a small contribution to global environment, ART-Meter attempt to use recyclable cushioning material. With our best care, there is no worry for items to be damaged.
If your order is present for somebody, using new material is also available.


Cautions for Storage and Handling

"Since all the items are original and painted manually by artists themselves, degradation of pigment caused by time goes by is cannot be avoided. To reduce it as much as possible, please be cautious to display and storage.

Displaying or storing at location which receive direct sun light, high humidity, or where air-conditioner may cause deterioration of colors or paintings itself. We recommend you periodic change of items, or moving displaying site regularly. We wish you to enjoy all those change in taste is also joy of having one-off paintings."

  • As items at ART-Meter are, in principle, one-off items, we do not accept any exchange.
    Please consider carefully before your order. Be sure to check your order summary that is send to you upon your order.
  • We don't accept any self-serving cancellation, returning your goods, or refusing to receive item after sending out from Japan.
  • In case of cancellation on wrong order, inform ART-Meter office immediately with order ID number.
bundling multiple order

We do not put your additional order together after first order is completed. Be sure to order all you want at once and check your order summary. For exception, if you need separate order for some reason, let us know by writing us "there is another order later" on your first order form and select "cash on delivery" as payment option. In this case, you have to make second order within 3days. We do not put items together after we start shipping operation.

  • We do not accept refund for any self-serving reason such as "Real item was different from what I imagined.
    " Review item detail page carefully.
  • If you receive wrong item, please contact ART-Meter Office with order ID number within 1 week you've received it. We will inform you procedure for refund. If your contact is made 7days or later after arrival, we don't accept your request for refund.
Damage caused by shipping trouble

Though we pack your item carefully, damage caused by trouble upon shipping may occur. In this case, please take a photo of packaging or item condition and send it to us with your order ID number within 7days after arrival, or we don't accept refund request. Under any circumstance, maximum refund amount will not more than you have paid for the item.

Accident on shipping

In case item does not reach you for a month after receiving departure mail from ART-Meter, contact shipping company(EMS or FEDEX) with shipping ID number.

Undeliverable Item

There are some fragile items that is undeliverable. ART-Meter may determine not to send, even if the item you order is shown "International Shipping: YES" In this case, we will pay you back.

Submitting wrong address

In case you subscribed wrong address and item returned to us, we will charge you round trip shipping cost.

Delayed shipping
Shipping may be delayed caused by war, natural disaster, accident, or regional situation. In case we can not send item to your location, we ART-Meter office will inform you.
Clearance charge and custom duty

It is your responsibility to bear clearance charge, sales tax, and custom duty. Shipping company will send you a bill for those cost.


Be sure to read Terms of Use. You are considered that you agreed to the Terms upon using this site or purchasing item through this site.

  • Be sure to read Terms of Use. You are considered that you agreed to the Terms upon using this site or purchasing item through this site.
  • Many professionals and amateurs submit their art-works at ART-Meter. It is artists' responsible to control their copy right. ART-Meter is not responsible for any damage or loss caused using data shown at ART-Meter web site nor assure data validity, morality, or right licensing.
  • We do not accept PayPal pay back order without your prior notice or payment request without ART-Meter office consent.
  • Delivery company ART-Meter assigned is responsible for shipping, based on their adhesive terms and conditions. This means, ART-Meter is not responsible for any damage or loss of item after we handover it to delivery company.
  • ART-Meter reserves its right to change this Shopping-Guide. New version become effective immediately after displaying it on ART-Meter web site.
  • Relationship between ART-Meter and its customers is governed by Japanese laws. Tokyo District Court is the first and exclusive court of jurisdiction for any litigation should it arise.

You don't need to pay Japanese consumption tax from overseas.

Before Use ART-Meter Service

Be sure to read following materials before makeing use of this site or purchasing items.