Online art gallery store where you can buy affordable, original, one-of-a-kind cool Japanese paintings

What is ART-Meter?

ART-Meter is Online Art Shop Selling Art by Meter

All the items at ART-Meter are original one-off art.
About 3000 artists including pro and amateur sell their works.
The price is decided depend on item size.

The Merit of ART-Meter!



1 Enjoy art casually in reasonalbe price.
You'll get art item in such reasonable price
as you can change display depend on season or your feeling.
We're aspiring casual art but not art only for appreciation.
2 Only one in the whole world!
ART-Meter focuses on selling “one-off” art.
Items painted by various artists including pro and amateur show wide variety.
If you find a favorite artist, you can ask custome-made art, to paint just for you.
3 Artist Level
At ART-Meter, according to the total size of sold item, artist level gets higher.
As higher the level, the artist can set the unit price.
Buyers decide artist level, and artists decide the price his/her own.